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Key Strategic Focus

Project Saksham ensures that every child with disability in urban poor areas of Bhubaneswar, irrespective of the category and degree of disability, is provided holistic, meaningful and quality education. It is looking at a larger picture of education - regular school coming, return of dropouts and enrolment of “never attended school” CwDs, retaining interest of CwDs in school, skill development and dignified living of overage school dropouts. If not, we will push yet another generation of persons with disabilities into the unending cycle of poverty, disempowerment and misery.

Promoting Inclusive Society

This year the focus was to ensure the inclusion of CwDs in all spheres like physical, educational, social, cultural, attitudinal and economic aspects of their life. In order to ensure their significant participation, initiatives will be taken to build the capacity and knowledge base of these children along with their parents. As our society’s lack of knowledge, misinformation and negative attitudes lead directly to the exclusion of children and youth with disabilities from mainstream education. Furthermore, where disabled children’s capacities, rights and needs are constantly underestimated, they are likely to develop low self-esteem and negative attitudes about themselves and their abilities.


Awareness work is important at all levels in society – child, family, community – to counteract fear, misunderstanding and negative attitudes. The most effective way by which Saksham addresses this is - to do this is through participation by children with disability, their parents and their school teachers.

Promoting Early Intervention

It is widely recognized that the greatest impact in improving the life of a child with a disability can be achieved in the early years. Swabhiman, through Saksham, is addressing this through assessments and assistive device provision.

Focus on the direct impact of children’s abilities

Development of Individualised education plan (IEP) for each child and focus intervention was plan to see the significant result in the abilities of children was one of the key strategic focus in the second year of the intervention.

Supporting appropriate policy development

Society’s negative attitudes can often be translated into inappropriate national policy. By promoting greater participation of CWDs and YWDs to participate in consultations and discussions, Swabhiman through its Saksham project facilitating appropriate policy level changes which can positively contribute to the life of CWDs. Both parents and CwDs of project Saksham played a key role in the nationwide advocacy initiatives for the declaration of the new law i.e. RPwD Act at the parliament in the year 2016.

Supporting change of system in education and inclusive learning environment

The introduction of more inclusive practices in education necessitates a change in curriculum, teacher training, teaching methodology and teacher attitudes. We promote through this project the effective implantation of the Right to Education act 2009 and Rights of Person with Disability (RPwD) Act - 2016, all the schemes related to inclusive education and skill enhancement schemes have to be properly practised at the school by the teachers and in the society as a whole.

Effective implementation of Inclusive Child Resource Centre (ICRC)

Project Saksham is being implemented through eight nodal ICRC centers, which serve as multipurpose units and provide an enabling environment for children to be actively participating in education and skill development.

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