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Why we initiated this project?

If we observe critically the current educational status of CwDs in Odisha, SSA has failed all its objectives. One big gap is its inability to provide disability certificates to all CwDs, in every district of the State. Attendance rates of CwDs in schools are also not satisfactory.


2014 baseline study showed that despite all efforts -

1. 99% CwDs dropout from school & do not complete formal education.
2. 58.3% of Children with Disabilities (CwD) in ages 6 to 14 out of school.
3. 42.2% enrolled CwD, remained mostly at home or loitered in the streets.
4. Basic entitlements like disability certificate, education scholarship and aids and appliances were not with most of the CwD.
5. Apart from the ramps, no accessibility provision for children with visual impairments, speech and hearing impairment, communication issues, autism etc. in the mainstream schools. No accessible toilets in any of the schools.
6. Lack of proper training of teachers on the overall management of CwD in classroom situation was identified as one of the critical area of concern in the state of Odisha.

Our Objective

The primary aim of Saksham is to address the gaps in SSA implementation to ensure that every child with disability in urban poor areas of Bhubaneswar, irrespective of the category and degree of disability, is provided holistic, meaningful and quality education in a neighborhood government school. This project also aims to enhance the livelihood of school dropouts and never enrolled youth with disability by providing vocational training and market linked job opportunities, to make youth productive members of our society. Through effective communication, assistive, mobility and communication devices projects looks at making each child visible, included and capable to voice concerns and opinion.

Five Specific objectives of Saksham are - 

1. Academic Development of the CwD, studying in schools (Curricular, Co-
2. Curricular and Extra Curricular Activities)
3. Mainstreaming for Social Inclusion.
4. Livelihood Foundation and Enhancement of school dropout and never been to
school youth with disability
5. CwD as the Active Citizens of our society
6. Making Duty Bearers more Responsive and Accountable towards the rights and
entitlements of CwD.

Key Stakeholders

Children with disabilities, their peer group in school and neighborhood, Parents and their teachers are the primary stakeholders in this project. Whereas Government duty bearers/officials – Including Secretary School and Mass Education, State Project Director OPEPA, Deputy Director Inclusive Education, DEO- Khurda, BEO Bhubaneswar, URCC and public representatives and officials of Urban Local Bodies of Bhubaneswar Municipal Corporation are considered as the secondary stakeholders.

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